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do you love to paint your nails?

Sparkly Gel Polishes

Add personality to your nails & room shelves/vanity, with our super cute & elegant gel polishes <3

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Do you love sparkles on your face, body & nails?

Shiny Loose Highlighters

Sparkle your way in with our super shiny & buildable loose highlighters/pigments. Use them on cheek, as eyeshadow topper, on hair, or body! You can even use them on your nails (mix with your acrylic). Have fun shining :)

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Do you love glitter?

Fine & Chunky Glitters

Whether you are feeling soft or bold, we have glitter options for you from pastel, to neon, to dark etc.. We offer from fine to chunky flakes. They're cosmetic grade & are safe for face, nails, body & hair.

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We offer high shine beautiful quality products & great customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Meet the Owner

Hello beauties! I have a passion for Art. I am here to help artists believe in their abilities and stop limiting themselves. On my socials I give tips on self trust, self love, & self improvement. I want to offer cosmetic grade glitter to you so you can express your creativity with them and bling yourself outtt! Artists bringing their imagination to life always has me in awe !

I love makeup & hair, making jewelry, painting ,writing poems + more. I enjoy making my existence & experiences as lovely as possible. I can have fun alone or with others. Im rarely bored. I love being a business owner because it challenges me in so many ways. I always try finding ways to work less hard and more strategic. Im a very persistent person & dont give up easily. You have the power to create your world the way you aspire it to be. There's so many great opportunities !

WELCOME :) Thank you so much for your investing in us!

We enjoy seeing artists express their creativity. Lets customize your own glitter mix! Woohoooooo