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5 Star Artist - CHROME Gel Polishes

5 Star Artist - CHROME Gel Polishes

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✨ALWAYS FEEL & KNOW YOU ARE A 5 STAR ARTIST !!✨ 9 beautiful gel polishes. Let the summer fun begin !
1 coat = semi sheer : 2 coats = pigmented 

Chrome/Seashell Gel Polish
15 ml uv/led
Hema free

Directions: Must be cured with Uv or Led lamp. For LED lamp (cure 30 sec) or UV Lamp ( cure 2 min)

- No shrinkage,no arch, smooth and shiny surface
- Soak off easily
- Ideal hardness
- Free of solvent, TOL and HCHO, BATO,TPO and TPO-L.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jade Andalon

Okay so I had been eyeing these since they came out and finally got my hands on some and damn wish I had bought them ALLLL the colors are so beautiful and a chromyyyy dreaaam I need the rest 😻😻😻😻
Here’s a set I did with beach fun 1 in white light and low light 😻😻😻😻

Rowan Torres
Loooove For So Many Reasons!

The polishes are thick so they don’t run. They are opaque with just 1 coat. They don’t have a strong odor like some gel polish brands do. They don’t wrinkle when cured. Customer service is AMAZING. The shades are BEAUTIFUL. The brushes are curved which makes application close to the cuticle effortless and flawless. A little goes a long way since the consistency is thick. I truly love the quality of the polishes.